Margins, part 5

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Sep 19 02:52:46 PDT 1998

Earlier I said that Margins would work fine if everyone were
honest and believed in that method's principle, considering
it to be a social good that outweighs their own personal benefit.

I left something out: They'd have to vote rankings that
are complete, as well as sincere. No truncation. I'm not
saying they'd have to rank everyone, only that they'd have
to express every one of their preferences. Based on experience
with rank-balloting, it's highly unlikely that condition would
be met.

But not meeting it would still be ok if voters accepted the
adverse results and didn't consider them a problem--didn't
mind the worse results that they'd get by not trying to defend
against the results of the truncation.

In these 5 short messages, I've tried to cover a few things
that I missed in my 1st replies.

Mike Ossipoff

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