Margins, part 3

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Sep 19 02:39:59 PDT 1998

So even if many people started insincere random ranking
extension, that wouldn't make Votes-Against (VA) like

Order-reversal, as I've described, would be a piece of cake
in Margins, in comparison to VA.

Also, there hasn't been posted an example of how the
insincere random ranking extension would cause a problem for
a Condorcet winner, or cause a majority rule violation.

The result of the random ranking? Say there's some indifference
in the Condorcet winner's pairwise comparisons, and say
those indifferent voters rank randomly. Since it's random
it will tend to cancel out,  & the CW will still beat

And even if it were done concertedly, not randomly, 
it would have the effect, and carry the penaly, of order-reversal.
No new problem.


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