What do you do when the system breaks down absolutly.

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Thu Oct 22 19:51:41 PDT 1998

> Its two weeks before election and the Republicans just stole my vote.
> They did this with unfair ballot access rules that forced the Libertarian
> party to gather more signatures than any party in America's history.
> And since they control the election board even that is not enough.
> Obviously I'm going to vote for Democrats.

Not necessarily obvious. Voting for the other frontrunner is
the most effective punishment strategy, but it's more effective
if you publicize why you're doing it, and bring along others
of similar belief.

Another worthwhile strategy is to go ahead & vote your own
sincere preference. Not only does that best meet your principles,
but it's also the easiest way to communicate with other voters
& the parties.

Or you could cast a vote against the voting system be refusing
to vote on candidates, only for initiatives. That way, ballots
so markekd would stand out as saying something about how
candidates are chosen & voted for.

Or vote against the voting system by "spoiling" your ballot
by voting Approval. To be effective there should be a fair
number of people doing that, or at least it should be well


> But the social contract between us is now the contract between tyrant
> and oppressed. This does not cover innocent bystanders. It is unethical
> to shoot a Republican in a crowd because their blood might spatter and
> damage someone's clothing. Also experts in revolution e.g. Lenin say
> terrorism is poor tactics. But outside of tactics it is perfectly ethical
> and even laudable to shoot Republicans. I can't imagine a moral argument
> against it.
> I'm not sure if its the best tactics to assure them on that. Maybe I 
> should let them worry. We don't assure Saddam Hussein that we wont use 
> nuclear weapons. From a point of view of good press maybe I should assure 
> them in a way that lets them worry.
> Given the much reduced social contract the question is what is the best 
> tactics for screwing over Republicans? We have FPP and primaries. Since 
> I can't have a candidate I must have more freedom of action than someone 
> who is allowed in the system.
> I have some ideas for a strategy that leans hard on the weaknesses of
> the system.
> I'm thinking of running in the next Republican primary as a Libertarian
> brought over in chains. This could be done with humorous clothing and
> that would bring the press. Having brought the press I could emphasize
> that in addition to stealing my vote the Republicans stole Democratic
> votes by invading their primaries and putting in a ringer for Governor.
> So its fair and even laudable to steal Republican votes the same way.
> The idea is not to win but to use humor to create chaos.
> As an excluded person I have great freedom, campaign finance laws don't
> apply to me since I'm not allowed to campaign. I can print any literature
> I want and don't even have to sign it. I can print unsigned literature
> claiming the Democrat has nigger blood and let people think the Republican
> did it. Since I'm not allowed a candidate that becomes legal.

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