Meta election final list.

Bart Ingles bartman at
Fri Oct 9 19:01:54 PDT 1998

> > What exactly is this meta election going to accomplish?  Are we trying
> > to rank things like "Honesty" and "Secrecy"?  Will we be expected to
> > discuss only "winning" goals?  If purely informative, why worry about
> > the counting method?  Why not just publish the raw data and use it
> > directly?
Mike Osipoff:
> Absolutely, publish the raw data & discuss it directly. But
> also why not count it by Plurality & by whichever pairwise coulnt
> that you like, & report the result.

No real objection, just that some of the goals seem to stand on their
own as requirements & don't really conflict with anything else.  Trying
to rank them seems a little like re-ordering the Boy Scout Law
(trustworthy, loyal, helpful...)    :-]

I guess ranking could help decide which goals can be considered
requirements, and which are merely desireable criteria to be ranked.  A
requirement would have to be (1) Achievable, (2) not in conflict with
any other requirement, and (3) more important than any non-requirement. 
Because of (2), it would not be necessary to rank requirements in
relation to one another, but all would be ranked higher than other

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