part 3, meta election

David Catchpole s349436 at
Sun Oct 4 19:15:43 PDT 1998

I would like time to groom my candidates.
(P.S. we could actually display the outcome for several ranking systems)

On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Mike Ositoff wrote:

> So I second Fiterman's proposal to hold such an election.
> If a proposal for an election is made & seconded, doesn't that
> amount to a good reason for others to vote if they're interested?
> I emphasize that participation in a vote like this shouldn't be
> limited to the people who've been participating in the debates--
> Anyone who's been listening, or who is at all interested in
> the subject should vote. We already know the opinions of the
> most active participants, and the purpose of the vote would
> be to find out the opinions of the others.
> I suggest rank-balloting, since this isn't a public political
> election, and we needn't agree beforehand on a count rule.
> Obviouly anyone could count the ballots by any rule they like.
> I'll use Voter's Choice.
> Mike

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