part 3, meta election

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Oct 4 03:38:15 PDT 1998

So I second Fiterman's proposal to hold such an election.

If a proposal for an election is made & seconded, doesn't that
amount to a good reason for others to vote if they're interested?

I emphasize that participation in a vote like this shouldn't be
limited to the people who've been participating in the debates--
Anyone who's been listening, or who is at all interested in
the subject should vote. We already know the opinions of the
most active participants, and the purpose of the vote would
be to find out the opinions of the others.

I suggest rank-balloting, since this isn't a public political
election, and we needn't agree beforehand on a count rule.

Obviouly anyone could count the ballots by any rule they like.
I'll use Voter's Choice.


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