What about a meta election?

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Sat Oct 3 04:41:08 PDT 1998


You wrote:
>D- I note that EVERY election method having 3 or more choices apparently fails
>one or more mathematical criteria.

Donald: What are the mathematical criteria that you speak of, and which of
the criteria do each of the following methods fail: First Past the Post,
Choice Run-Off, Approval Voting, and Condorcet?

>If there are less than N Condorcet winners when N are to be elected, then ANY
>election method tiebreaker is apparently more or less arbitrary.

Donald: I must agree with you - any Condorcet tiebraker is arbitrary.
     It is best to avoid Condorcet ties by either avoiding Condorcet or
avoiding the use  of a tiebreaker by eliminating the last candidate.
     Or, do you know another way to avoid using a tiebreaker.


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