Death in the Night - a Fiterman Novel

New Democracy donald at
Fri Oct 30 05:51:40 PST 1998


Charles Fiterman wrote:
>What if I shoot my opponent the night before elections and the majority of
>the voters arrive election morning without knowing what happened?

Dear Charles,

     The answer to the sudden death of a candidate is for us to have the
primary included inside of the general election. Each major party should be
running two or three candidates in the general election.
     The vacancy of a canadiate would be filled by going back to the ranked
choices on the ballots - dropping the now vacant(and dead) candidate - and
working the election method a second time to produce a new winner.
     That winner will most likely be of the same party as your opponent -
it would not be you - sorry, but your effort would be in vain.
     It would be best if you did not shoot your opponent.


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