reversed rankings

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Wed Oct 28 18:28:42 PST 1998

I'd like to answer the reversed-rankings nonsense, though I
already have.

Blake claimed that VA will pick the same candidate if you
reverse all the rankings. Or at least implied that it will
do so often under ordinary plausible conditions. Nonsense.

With a 1-dimensional policy space, one of the twe most extreme
candidates will win with a 1st choice majority if rankings
are reversed, since everyone will have an extreme as last choice.

Markus said that Schulze(VA) can't pick the same candidate
when rankings are reversed. Do you disagree, Blake?

Blake says that if that happens, it means that VA says that
the best candidate is also the worst. Nonsense again. MEthods
don't pick the best or worst. Each voter has his best K&
worst, and the method picks based on certain more meaningful
& concrete & verifiable criteria than kpicking the best.

Margins, using Condorcet(EM) will pick the same candidate,
sometimes, when rankings are reversed. All it takes is for
the guy with least max against-for in a defeat to be the
guy with least max for-against in a victory. Clearly possible.


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