Shouldn't Talk To Santa Clara?

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Oct 18 19:49:28 PDT 1998

This November, voters in Santa Clara will vote on whether or
not to authorize IRO for county elections. I've told why
I claim IRO is worse than Runoff, the method currently in use.

Is there a reason why I shouldn't talk to people in Santa Clara
County about that? I'm an outsider? But haven't CVD outsiders
peddled their wares in Santa Clara, Texas, & New Mexico, etc.?

Shouldn't the voters of Santa Clara hear both sides? Does
CVD's promotion of IRO depend on voters only hearing their
side of the issue? Is that why, in the CVD announcement that
Don posted here, it was announced that IRO would be proposed
in several jurisdictions, but it wasn't stated which ones?
Is IRO something that has to be achieved on the sly?

So, I want to get your opinion, because the election is drawing
near. Is there a reason why I shouldn't talk to Santa Clara
County about IRO? OF course if IRO were proposed in a jurisdiction
where I live, I wouldn't ask this. I'd just oppose it. But
I don't live in Santa Clara County. Still, if it passes in
Santa Clara, and goes into use there, that will be used
by CVD to bolster their proposal of it for Califnrnia state
elections. So maybe that makes Santa Clara my business too.

Tell me your opinion.

Mike Ossipoff

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