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> Good point.  I bet many voters would have a problem with a winner who
> had a very small percentage of the first-choice vote.
Yes. I was trying to say that this is an issue, and so one could 
'rationalise' AV, not that AV is perfect.
> If you mean that all of the parties might tend toward center, that is
> probably better than the opposite outcome, and if true would seem to
> obviate the concerns of those who believe that a method is needed to
> favor compromise candidates.  Actual experience will show which is the
> greater problem.
The UK party grandees have (some time ago!) supported FPP by saying 
that it leads to polarised parties who practice fighting in 
parliament and hence produce a good government that can be tough with 
foreigners who have namby-pamby coalitions. This minority(?) 
preference for 'strong' government is possible the only serious 
objection to AV+. We shall see. 

>  minimal IRO allowing voters first- and second-choice
> would allow up to three dominant parties to emerge, adding a third
> choice would allow four, etc.  
> What do you think?

I like the idea. It would have the advantage of simplifying ballots. 
My guess is 2 or 3 places would be about right for UK general 
elections. But I'm not entirely comfortable with it.
Sorry folks, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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