Ways to count meta-election

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Wed Oct 7 14:31:09 PDT 1998

I agree that it would be good for the results of counts by the
several proposed methods to be reported, in the meta-election
on standards.

I'll be one of those doing a count for Schwartz//Schulze(VA).
Probably for IRO & Schulze(Margins) too.

As I said, though, the result most of interest to me personally
will be the result of Voter's Choice, a meta-method for when
there's no agreement on what count rule to use.

I'm glad that other meta-methods are being proposed for this
election. Meta-methods may be the solution to the impossibility
of getting agreement on what count rule to use in public elections.
Still, though, designating a count rule is one more thing
for the voter to have to do, and people tend to not like that.
It's simpler for the voter to not have to deal with count rules,
but that requires prior agreement on which count rule to use.
Either the voters has to deal with the issue during balloting
(Voter's Choiced) or when the election system is set up initially.
Either would be quite a task to propose. Hence my liking for
Approval for public elections, to avoid the rank-count issue.


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