my designated count rule

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Oct 4 04:21:47 PDT 1998

I forgot that, though it isn't necessary to designate a count
rule when voting on voting systems, since one's 1st choice
can automatically be considered one's designation, it is still
necessary to designate one when voting on anything else, including
standards for voting systems.

So I designate VA Schulze, choosing from the Schwartz set
(But if the Smith set contains more than 10 alternatives, then
I withdraw the part about the Schwartz set).


Schulze's method seems to be agreed here to be the best
Condorcet version. I believe it's best to measure defeats
by votes-against.

The Schwartz set is a nice refinement for small elections,
elections with few voters (maybe too few, maybe just 1 :-) ).

Schwartz set:

1. A has a beat-path to B if either A beats B, or if A beats
   something that has a beat-path to B.

2. If A has a beat-path to B, but B doesn't have a beat-path
   to A, then B is disqualified.

3. The Schwartz set consists of the undisqualified alternatives.


Basically the Schwartz set is intended to do something about
the fact that in a small election, where pairwise ties are
possible, something can get into the Smith set merely by
tying one of its members, though beaten by the other members.
Not a big problem, but the Schwartz refinement is aesthetic.


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