Strangeness revisited

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Oct 3 23:32:06 PDT 1998

Dear Markus--

I replied to the your remarks about "strangeness" when I first
re-subscribed to this list. I gave a list of reasons why
it isn't a problem if the same candidate wins when the
rankings are reversed. I'm more concerned about what happens
with the voters' actual rankings, not about hypothetical 
modifications of them. 

As I said before, if rankings are reversed,  with a 1-dimensional
policy space, then everyone's 1st choice will be the 2 extremists.
Usually 1 will have more 1st choice votes than the other &
will be majority winner. 

The fact that yuo can devise some example where Condorcet(EM)
elects the same candidate with reversed rankings doesn't seem
meaningful unless you can relate it to common conditions and
show how it causes real strategy dilemmas for voters.

For more, check my initial "strangeness" posting in the archives.


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