Revealing the Majority Winner

Sat Nov 14 10:19:17 PST 1998

Mr. Ingles wrote-

If the first choice doesn't mean more than lower choices, why do we all seem
to agree that a candidate with 50.1% of the first choice vote should win over
someone with 100% of the second choice vote?

Mr. VanWeerthuizen wrote-

We do not all agree on the above assumption.  Rather, a
candidate with nearly unanimous approval should at times
defeat a candidate who a majority prefers, but a significant
minority strongly dislikes.  This is more so when the office
concentrates a lot of political power.  It is less so where
political powers are greatly divided and balanced among
different elected offices.
D- The second choice is getting 50.1 percent of his/her votes from the voters
who ranked somebody else as first choice.  Perhaps such 50.1 percent voters
strongly dislike the second choice and are ranking the second choice ahead of
some worse third choice.   This is all very strange.  First grade (or earlier)
math---- 50.1 > 49.9 commonly called Majority Rule.

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