Single member district NOT the norm

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Wed Nov 11 20:44:14 PST 1998

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> Below are Annexes F, G and H of the U.K. Jenkins Commission Report regarding
> changing the election system for the U.K. House of Commons.  It gives an idea
> of the effort required to make ANY change in an old anti-democratic election
> method (in the U.K. case, the use of gerrymandered single member districts in
> use for about 700 years).

    Sorry, "gerrymandered single member districts" are not 700 years old.


"First the single member constituency is not an inherent part of the British
parliamentary tradition. It was unusual until 1885, and only became the rule in
1950."  (Source: Lord Jenkins' Report on Electoral Reform, October 1998)

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    Thus, it is not what many would have you believe.  Single member districts
are the exception in britannia's storied First past the post-cereal days.

    Long live the rotten boroughs.  Go tories.


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