Jenkins Commission Annexes F, G and H

Wed Nov 11 17:27:36 PST 1998

Below are Annexes F, G and H of the U.K. Jenkins Commission Report regarding
changing the election system for the U.K. House of Commons.  It gives an idea
of the effort required to make ANY change in an old anti-democratic election
method (in the U.K. case, the use of gerrymandered single member districts in
use for about 700 years).  It is more than a little shocking that after
talking/writing to experts about proportional representation in the U.K.,
Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Germany (U.S.A. and Malta especially
missing in action) that the Commission came up with the very partial p.r.
scheme proposed in the report (due to the pre-rigged limits "terms of
reference" of the Commission).

As noted by Mr. Schulze, the complete Jenkins Commission report can be
downloaded at

The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System Annex F
List of International Interlocutors 
Conor Brady - Editor of the Irish Times
John Bruton TD - Leader of Fine Gael and former Taosieach
Davd Byrne - Attorney General
Denis Coghlan - Irish Times
Stephen Collins - Sunday Times
Noel Dempsey TD - Minister for the Environment and Local Government
Jim Downey - Irish Independent
Professor Ronan Fanning - University College Dublin
Jimmy Farrelly - Secretary General of the Department of the Environment
Dr Fergus Finlay - Journalist
Dr Garret Fitzgerald TD - former Taoiseach and academic
Dr Michael Gallagher - Trinity College Dublin
Professor Gerard Hogan - Trinity College Dublin
Brendan Howlin TD - Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Geraldine Kennedy - Irish Times
Professor Joe Lee - University College Cork
Michael McDowell - Barrister
Jim O'Donnell - Secretary, Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution
Ruairi Quinn TD - Leader of the Labour Party
Pat Rabbitte TD - Democratic Left
John Rogers - Senior Council
Dr Richard Sinnott - University College Dublin
Brendan Walsh - Sheriff of Dublin
Dr T K Whittaker - Retired Cabinet Secretary 
Jim Anderton, Leader of the Alliance
John Armstrong, Political editor, NZ Herald
Simon Arnold, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, former CEO 
Manufacturers' Federation
Rick Barber, Labour MP
Tim Barnett, Labour MP
Jonathan Boston, Victoria University
Laurie Bryant, worked on publicity campaigns prior to 1992 and 1993 
Mark Burton MP, Labour Chief Whip
Rt Hon Helen Clark MP, Leader of the Labor Party
Hon Wyatt Creech, Leader of the House and Deputy Leader of the National 
Dr Michael Cullen MP, Deputy Leader of the Labor Party
Hon John Delamere, Minister for Customs, Associate Treasurer, Associate 
Minister of Health and NZ First Maori MP
Rod Donald, Alliance MP, Leader of Greens, member of Electoral Reform 
Coalition and Electoral Law Committee
Hon Peter Dunne, Leader of United Party and sole United MP
Brent Edwards, Political Editor, Evening Post
Alan Emerson, Communications Trumps (political lobbyists)
Angela Foulkes, Secretary, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions
Dr Bryan Gould, Vice-Chancellor, Waikato University
Dr Paul Harris, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Electoral Commission
Marie Hasler, National MP (Chair)
Michael Hirschfeld, Labour Party President
Pete Hodgson, Labour MP and Deputy Chair, Electoral Law Committee
Graham Hunt, Journalist and author of "Why MMP must Go'
Rt Hon Jonathon Hunt MP, Shadow Leader of the House
Professor Keith Jackson (by phone), Emeritus Professor in Politics, 
Canterbury University, Christchurch
Colin James, author and senior political journalist
Colin Keating, Secretary for Justice and Electoral Commissioner
Sir Kenneth Keith, Court of Appeal Judge, member of Royal Commission on 
the Voting System
Hon Doug Kidd, Speaker
Rt Hon David Lange, NZ Prime Minister (1984 - 1989)
Stephen Levine, Victoria University
Peter Luke, Political Editor, the Press
Victoria Main, Political Editor, Dominion
Ron Mark MP, NZ First MP and Chief Whip
Matt McCarten, Alliance Chairman
Dave McGee, Clerk of the House and Member of the Independent Panel which 
oversaw the education campaign prior to the referenda
Rt Hon Ian McKay, President of the Electoral Commission
Dr Raymond Miller, Helena Katt and Peter Aimer - Department of Political 
Studies at Auckland University
Al Morrison, Political Editor, Radio New Zealand
Mark Prebble, Adviser in Prime Ministers Department
Hon Richard Prebble, Leader of ACT
Ian Rewell, Deputy Speaker
Nigel Roberts, Victoria University
Bernard Robertson, Editor, New Zealand Law Journal
Marie Schroff, Cabinet Secretary
Ken Shirley, ACT MP
Bob Simcock, National MP
John Slater, Businessman and Chairman, Northern Division of National 
Party (since August 1998 Chair of the National Party)
Hon Nick Smith, Minister for Conservation
Tony Steel, National MP
Maryan Street, Labour Party President from 1994-96, now Director of 
Labour Studies, Auckland University
Ross Tanner, Deputy State Services Commissioner
Geoff Thompson, National Party President
Mark Unsworth, Saunders and Unsworth, political lobbyists
The Hon Justice John Wallace, Former Chair of the Royal Commission on 
the Electoral System
Don Walter, Chairman, Anglian Water International
Phil Whelan, Chief Electoral Officer
Pansy Wong and Arthur Anse (National list MPs)
Doug Woolerton, NZ First MP 
Sir John Carrick KCMG
Rob Chalmers, Inside Canberra
Lynton Crosby, Federal Director, Liberal Party of Australia
Senator The Hon John Faulkner - Labor Senator and Leader of the 
Opposition and former Minister
Petro Georgiou, MP Liberal Member for Kooyong and former special adviser 
to PM Fraser
Gary Gray, Labor Party National Secretary
Bill Gray - Australian Electoral Commissioner
The Rt Hon R J L Hawke - Labor Prime Minister 1983-1991
Gerard Henderson, Executive Director of the Sydney Institute
Philip Higginson, Federal President, Australia-Britain Chamber of 
Senator The Hon Robert Hill, Liberal Senator for South Australia - 
Minister for the Environment and Leader of the Government in the Senate
Professor Colin Hughes, former Electoral Commissioner and professor of 
political science
Professor Malcolm MacKerras, Professor of Politics, University College, 
New South Wales
Michael Maley - Director of Research and International Services, 
Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
Sir John Mason KCMG, former British High Commissioner to Australia
Professor Ian McAllister, Professor and Director, Research School of 
Social Sciences, Australian National University.
The Hon Bob McMullan MP - Labor MP and Shadow Minister for Industrial 
Relation, Finance and the Arts
Senator The Hon Nick Minchin, Liberal Senator and Special Minister of 
State assisting the Prime Minister
Michael Moore, Independent Member, ACT Legislative Assembly - Minister 
for Health in the current Liberal government
Professor Richard Mulgan, Senior Lecturer at Australian and commentator 
on MMP in NZ
Alison Purvis- acting Commissioner for the ACT Electoral Commission
Senator Robert Ray - Labor Senator and former Minister
Dennis Shanahan, Vice President Parliamentary Press Gallery
The Rt Hon Ian Sinclair MP, Speaker of the House of Representatives and 
National Party Member
Zeke Solomon, Partner, Allen, Allen and Hemsley
Lenore Taylor, Australia Financial Review 
Herr Rainhard Bartella, Deutscher Staedtetag
Herr Meinrad Belle MdB (CDU)
Frau Sabine Berthold, Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung
Herr Friedrich Bohl MdB (CDU), Minister of State, Federal Chancellary
Herr Wolfgang Bosbach MdB (CDU)
Herr Hartmut Buettner MdB (CDU), Vice-Chairman of the Bundestag Internal 
Affairs Committee
Herr Gerald Haefner MdB (Green Party)
Herr Johann Hahlen, Federal Returning Officer
Herr Fritz-Rudolf Koerper MdB (SPD)
Herr Professor Martin Morlok, Director, FernUniversitat Hagen
Herr Professor Dr Karlheinz Niclauss, University of Bonn
Herr Ruprecht Polenz MdB (CDU)
Frau Cornella Rogall-Grothe, Federal Ministry of the Interior State 
Secretary, Prof Dr Kurt Schelter, Federal Interior Ministry
Herr Otto Schily, MdB (SPD)
Herr Rezzo Schlauch MdB (Green Party)
Herr Andreas Schmidt MdB, CDU Whip
Herr Wilhelm Schmidt MdB, SPD Whip
Frau Ulla Schmidt MdB (SPD)
Herr Wolfgang Schmitt MdB (Green Party)
Herr Dr Schnapauff, Director General, Federal Ministry of the Interior
Herr Clemens Schwalbe MdB (CDU)
Herr Dr Hermann Otto Solms MdB, Chairman of the FDP Parliamentary Party
Herr Dr Max Stadler MdB (FDP)
Frau Dr Antje Vollmer MdB (Green Party) - Vice President of the 
Philipp Graf von Walderdorff, Deutscher Industrie and Handlestag
Herr Dr Ludolf -Georg von Wartenberg, Chief Executive of Bundesverband 
der Deutschen Industrie (CBI equivalent)
Herr Dieter Wiefelsputz MdB (SPD)
Frau Heide Wright MdB (SPD)  
The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System Annex G

Listed below are those political parties, Members of Parliament, policy 
groups, representative and campaigning organizations, academics and 
other experts from whom the Commission has received submissions. The 
Commission would also like to thank those members of the general public, 
too numerous to list in full here, who also submitted views and 
Dr Mark Aspinwall, University of Durham
The Association of Electoral Administrators
Tony Baldry MP
Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Oxford University
Dr Stephen Bosworth, Girne American University
Rt Hon Virginia Bottomley MP
Professor Rodney Brazier, University of Manchester
Richard Burden MP
Dale Campbell-Savours MP
The Centre for Policy Studies
Charter 88
The Conservative Party
The de Borda Institute
Democracy Design Forum
Democratic Audit
Democrats Action Group for Gaining Electoral Reform
Professor Michael Dummett, Oxford University
Professor Patrick Dunleavy, London School of Economics
The Electoral Reform Society
The Electoral Reform Society of Australia
Nigel Evans MP
Dr David Farrell, University of Manchester and Dr Michael Gallagher, 
Trinity College, Dublin
The Fawcett Society
George Foulkes MP
Roger Gale MP
Chistopher Gill MP
Ken Gladdish, University of Reading
Green Party
Llin Golding MP
Bruce Grocott MP
Donald Gorrie MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Professor Ron Johnston, University of Bristol
The Joseph Forum
The Labour Party
Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform
Tom Levitt MP
The Liberal Party
The Liberal Democrats
Martin Linton MP
Professor Iain McLean, Oxford University
Peter Kellner
Petr Kopecky, University of Sheffield
Barbara Lindsay, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Joni Lovenduski, Southampton University and Dr Pippa Norris, 
Joan Shorenstein Centre on the Press, Politics and Public Policy
Dr Helen Margetts, Birkbeck College
Dr Edmund Marshall, University of Bradford
Austin Mitchell MP
Rhodri Morgan MP
Professor Philip Norton, University of Hull
Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue
Professor Brendan O'Leary, London School of Economics
Peter Pike MP
Professor Richard Rose, University of Strathclyde
Andrew Rowe MP
Dr Edward Royle, University of York
Martin Salter MP and Jonathan Shaw MP
Select Your Member Voting Society
Barry Sheerman MP
Scottish National Party
Socialist Movement
Phyllis Starkey MP
Gisela Stuart MP
Tory Reform Group
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Gareth Thomas MP
Welsh Labour Action  
The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System Annex H

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[End Annexes F,G,H] 

Notably absent from the Bibliography are --

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(Electoral Reform Society, 1982)

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