Two of Mike-O's letters

Wed Nov 11 13:03:14 PST 1998

IRO fans (i.e. fanatics) seem to be unaware that there is a head to head
matrix for even 2 candidates.

      A      B
A     --    A>B
B    B>A    --

Using current "X" votes is the same as voting a truncated "1" vote for A or B.

The head to head matrix just expands with 3 or more choices and number votes
(1, 2, etc.).

      A     B      C    etc.
A    --    A>B    A>C   etc.
B    B>A   --     B>C   etc.
C    C>A   C>B    --    etc.
etc. etc.  etc.   etc.

Since IRO folks are aware (or should be aware) of the head to head matrix idea
by now, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Ossipoff and other Condorcet
fans (fanatics) are very unhappy with certain IRO fans (fanatics).

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