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Blake Cretney bcretney at my-dejanews.com
Wed Nov 11 09:55:42 PST 1998

I'm going to set up an EM resource.  It's purpose is to be 
similar to the archive, except highly edited and organized.
It has similar goals to David's journal, but I'm going about
it in a very different way, and am likely to have a different
editorial policy.

Currently I want to limit it to single and multi-winner methods, 
standards, criteria and related discussions.  Some issues I likely 
won't deal with are issues around campaign spending, deaths during 
elections, requirements for getting names on ballots.  These are 
important issues, but I'm trying for more mathematical subjects.

I'm hoping that people are going to be eager to make submissions
to my election methods resource.  To do so,

1.  Post an article to EM.  Include the following statement at
the bottom of your article:

I affirm that I am the sole author of this article except where 
otherwise indicated.  I hereby place this article in the public

2.  Wait at least 1 week to give time for people to comment.  People
who suggest amendments should also place their articles in the public

3.  Send a copy of the article to me.  Start the subject line with
"EMR:" so that I will know to read it.  You may incorporate changes
that have occurred to you since the initial posting.  Do not include
anyone else's suggested text unless they have placed it in the
public domain.  Name other people who have contributed.

4.  I will send a reply to either you or EM stating whether or not
I intend to include the submission and why.  Even articles I do
include may be heavily edited.  In particular I will not include 
submissions that are:
	off topic
	overly rhetorical
Statements that can be mathematically proven must be proven.  References 
should be included where useful.  Try to write in such a way that
people will not only agree with you, but fully understand you.

If your article includes non-public domain text that may go
beyond fair use, it will not be included.

You may have noticed that I have appointed myself editor.  If anyone
disagrees with my editorial judgment they can criticize it on the
list.  They can also set up their own resource, and use anything in
my resource they do agree with (since it will all be public domain).
I hope, however, to avoid making this necessary.

My web site is currently at:



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