1st Choice Criterion, part 2

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Wed Nov 4 17:46:37 PST 1998

Demorep says I've said these things sufficiently many times,
but it seems reasonable to say them when someone new to the list
asks what I'm talking about. 

I and many others feel that the main thing wrong with the
current "vote-for-1" Plurality system is that it forces people
to abandon their favorite and vote for some lesser evil
that they don't even like. I agree with what you said, that
one should vote for principled candidates--without regard to
their supposed winnability, but unfortunately, most people
feel they need to vote for one of the 2 frontrunners or they're
wasting their vote. I say they're wasting their vote if they
don't vote for their favorite. So my goal in reforming the system
is to make it so that those people can protect the compromise
that they feel they need, and still vote for their favorite.
Hence the 1st Choice Criterion.

Must quit now & resume later, or I"m pushing my luck with netcom.


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