a few brief comments about 1CC

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Sun Nov 15 05:04:49 PST 1998

Of course if it's possible to find a large majority that can
accomplish the criterion's goal, but it's also possible to find
a smaller majority that can't, then the method fails the criterion,
as defined.

At the end of the criterion wording, I'd like to add the words:

"The above accomplishment should always be attainable, regardless
of the strategizing of voters other than the ones who strategize to
gain that accomplishment."

That's because, what good would defensive strategy be, however
well informed about other voters' preferences, if the defensive
strategizers also had to predict what offensive strategies would
be used, and by whom?

I got some stray characters while writing this, so I hope
it posts ok.

And I hope that the above fix validly solves the problem it's
intended to solve.

Mike Ossipoff

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