Schulze strictly meets strong 1st Choice Criterion

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Mon Nov 9 00:24:44 PST 1998

Schule's method strictly meets the strong 1st Choice Criterion,
because the way that VA methods can fail it involve subcycle
fratricide, and Schulze's method isn't subject to subcycle

I must add, though, that, since that criterion, as I defined it,
is about protecting a CW, not a subcycle, what happens to
a natural subcycle isn't relevant to the criterion. So the
only way Condorcet(EM) or its Smith version could fail
strong 1st Choice is if it isn't a natural subcycle. It would
have to be the result of insincere voting. The order-reversal
strategists would also have to engineer a fratricidal subcycle
that includes the CW in order to cause Condorcet(EM) to fail
that criterion. That's why I say that all the VA methods meet
that criterion for all practical purposes.


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