part 3, 1st Choice Criterion

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Wed Nov 4 17:52:55 PST 1998

So, since abandonment of favorites seems to me & many others
to be the worst problem of the Plurality system, which we'd
like to replace, a criterion about it seems called-for.

A criterion is a (hopefully precise) yes/no test to judge
a voting-system. I mean that's how the term is used here.

David Marsay 1st suggested a 1st Choice Criterion, and I
added some wording to complicate it :-)

What I said was that no one should ever have to vote a less-
liked alternative over one's favorite in order to gain
the election of a CW instead of someone they like less.

What's a CW? That abbreviates "Condorcet winner". A
Condorcet winner is a candidate who'd beat each one of the
other candidates in separate 2-candidate elections, were they
held. Named after the 18th century founder of voting theory.

More subsequently


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