Jenkins' BULLSHIT answer

Daniel Davis cicero13 at
Tue Nov 3 02:33:36 PST 1998

    Jenkins' Commission said:

    Conclusion on STV Generally 107. Apart from some inherent
disadvantages – but no electoral system, including particularly FPTP, is
a stranger to them – STV would be too big a leap from that to which we
have become used, and it would be a leap in a confusingly different
direction from the other electoral changes which are currently being
made in Britain. It would also, particularly in the less densely
populated areas of the country, be difficult to reconcile with the
fourth of our terms of reference requirements – ‘the maintenance of a
link between MPs and geographical constituencies’. The Commission
therefore does not feel that it can recommend STV in its full form as
the best alternative to FPTP to be put before the people in a

    * * * *

    The point of the commission is to make a "leap" and change the
unfair first past the beanpole.  How numbering 1,2,3, candidates is
preference is 'confusing' is not explained (since that is exactly what
you must do under the AV plus system they recommended!).  For the love
of dog, people, just number in order of preference.  This is not a
discussion of "other' electoral changes nor should they supercede's
westminster's importance.

    Get it through your head--geographical constituences are not
democratic.  You don't represent bricks and mortar, but people.
Districts are unnecessary and a holdover from the magna charta days of


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