Write in votes

Saari Saari at aol.com
Mon May 11 08:07:54 PDT 1998

You have supplied a single situation and given us an assumed conclusion, but
the question as to whether a tallying method can be defined which makes any
sense at all on a variety of situations remains open.


>Mr. Saari wrote:
>I do not believe it is possible to include write-in votes in any ranked
>scheme - because there is no data whatsoever regarding that particular write-
>in candidate on the OTHER ballots, so the tallying method is not definable.
>(Is this true?  Perhaps not?)
>D-  single office, 1,000 voters, 501 voters vote
>A.B.    on ballot   5
>C.D     on ballot   3
>E.F.     on ballot   4
>W.X.    write-in   1
>Y.Z.     write-in   2
>I assume W.X. wins.

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