sorry everyone

Kevin Toyne ktoyne at
Wed May 6 18:37:24 PDT 1998

sorry for this email, but i accidentally deleted my initial email from 
the list and i cannot remember how to unsubscribe.  if you would be kind 
enough to remove me from this list and the other related but less active 
one, i would appreciate.

thank you very much to everyone for broadening my horizons tremendously.

" The honourable gentleman has at last reached that pitiable state of 
mental hopelessness where he is in the condition, ... , of being able to 
believe without reason and to hate without provocation "
- Arthur Meighen, former Prime Minister of Canada, 1917

Kevin Toyne
Manitoba, Canada
ktoyne at

" My own capacity for accepting madness is now virtually unlimited - 
after five years - and I may soon be ready for the ultimate - trying to 
run this country - ... but after all this country is worth saving "
- Robert L. Stanfield, former Leader of the Progressive Conservative 
Party of Canada, 1972

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Socially Progressive & Fiscally Conservative

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