Bottoms Up for Herman Beun

Herman Beun chbeun at
Tue Jul 28 06:56:53 PDT 1998

Dear Donald,

>      That system is known as Bottoms Up in Australia. I know 
> that it has been used there - it may still be in use there.

This is great! If it has a name, it must be good ;-) Although, with
_this_ name I might still have some difficulty convincing my fellow
party members that it is a really serious thing. :-) (Too bad, on the
other hand, that I was not the first to invent this system)

Do you (or anyone else) have any more details of this system, where
has it been used, when, is it still being used in Cambridge MA or
other places, any literature references (preferably "web-ised")?

>      Once you have you party list of candidataes, you can test 
> the system by picking any number of seats and then going back 
> and running the data of the 3000 ballots as a STV election - 
> this will tell you how close your list comes to STV.

Indeed, this would be the ultimate and convincing test. I am trying
to get hold of the raw results of the last internal candidate
elections, since I'd like to compare STV (i.e. Bottom Up) to the
current Borda results in internal publications. 



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