Bottoms Up for Herman Beun

New Democracy donald at
Tue Jul 28 02:50:13 PDT 1998

Dear Herman Beun,

     My current feeling is that you should use the system that you were
planning to use in your letter of July 22.

     That system is known as Bottoms Up in Australia. I know that it has
been used there - it may still be in use there.

     It is a very good system and rates second only to STV.

     It is 90 to 100 percent as good as STV. I include 100 percent because
in the 1995 STV election in Cambridge, Mass. the same candidates would have
been elected if the election were to have been conducted using Bottons Up
instead of STV.

     Once you have you party list of candidataes, you can test the system
by picking any number of seats and then going back and running the data of
the 3000 ballots as a STV election - this will tell you how close your list
comes to STV. I would expect the results to be in the 90 to 100 percent
range. These results should reasure you and the 3000 voters that using
Bottoms Up is the best system to use.


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