Proportional representation

STEFAN LINTL stefan at
Wed Oct 29 19:37:34 PST 1997

> > Can some one point me in
> > the direction of any relavent literature on the subject,predomanitly
> > Australian but example of other countries will be much appreciated.
> > Anyone have an opinon on the subject?
> > 
> > Thanking You
> > 
> > Travis Schilling
 Hallo Travis,

 in case you happen to speak German, I strongly recommend the books of 
 Dieter Nohlen on the subject; the mathematical aspects are neither 
 treated too strong or too well, but the interaction of electoral 
 system, party system and other components of the political system are 
 being investigated into quite deeply.

 Personally, as we currently do have some disputes again in Austria 
 about a change to an electoral system manufacturing majorities, I am 
 deeply committed to exact proportional representation 
 (Hare-Niemeyer), as used for the election of the Volkskammer 1990 in 
 the GDR. Imho the role of the parlamentarian (as it ought to be) was 
 best described by J.St. Mill in the Considerations on Representative 
 Grtnx, Stefan


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