[ER] Compact ballot formats

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Wed Oct 15 23:35:55 PDT 1997

There are various electronic voting devices in current use in public
elections in the U.S. in which the voter votes on a mini- computer/ TV
monitor by putting his/her "X" by the names of one or more candidates using a
typewriter type keyboard with up/down keys.

Such devices can be modified to-
(a) produce numerical rankings (1, 2, etc.) on candidates/issues,
(b) produce YES or NO votes on candidates/issues, and
(c) sort (a) and (b) before the vote is final.

The paper ballot should be made obsolete as soon as possible to save
Democracy in the U.S. (before the various ultra- dangerous oligarchial
gerrymanders in electing the Congress, the President, every house of every
state legislature and most local legislative bodies produce a total crisis)
(noting that it was the gerrymander of the British Parliament that produced
the American Revolution in 1775- 1776 and that such gerrymanders produced the
Civil War in 1860- 1861).

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