Condorcet Texts

Wed Oct 15 18:32:53 PDT 1997

To help in the Condorect [i.e. Condorcet] sub-cycle rule series I note some
works having the text of Condorcet's comments about head to head elections in

Condorcet, Selected Writings edited by Keith Michael Baker (1976)
(paperback). [Direct word by word translation of Condorcet's Essay on the
Application of Mathematics to the Theory of Decision-Making (1785) with
minimal comments by Mr. Baker] See especially pp. 53-57, 61-63.

The Theory of Committees and Elections by Duncan Black (1958) (book). [Prof.
Black's attempt to decipher Condorcet's Essay.] See especially pp. 171-179. I
believe the book has been reprinted.

See also Condorcet's Theory of Voting by H. P. Young (82 American Political
Science Review 1231-1244 (1988) (periodical) [Prof. Young's attempt to
decipher Condorcet's Essay]. It has about 25 References.

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