How to non-dictatorially generate a FAQ

Saari at Saari at
Sat Feb 22 03:57:24 PST 1997

>This sounds great to me.  But one question, who are members of the VOTING
>group?  Anyone on the listserve's list?
>Mike C.

If the list-owner specifies the voting members, then it is whatever he says.
 Otherwise, it is anybody who bothers to vote (but probably members of EM -
other people wouldn't know to vote at all).  But if the initial proclamation
doesn't specify the voting members, that would be a useful detail to clarify
quickly.  I would probably propose "Members of EM are the voting body." or
some such.

Once we have a proclamation from the list-owner to get the ball rolling, then
we as a group can easily settle these other issues.

Mike S

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