Condorcet Language for Municipal Charter

Hugh Tobin htobin at
Mon Feb 3 21:26:55 PST 1997

I have received a notice from the King County, Washington Charter Review
Commission soliciting public input into a charter reform process.  Is
anyone else proposing election methods reform here?  If not, I would
like to submit a proposal for use of Smith//Condorcet in single-winner
elections. (Others may take on the one-per-district method of electing
Councilmembers, but I assume it will survive).  Can anyone provide, or
point me to, a good example of actual or proposed language for or from a
charter, constitution or statute that embodies Condorcet or
Smith//Condorcet?  I would also welcome any copies of, or references to,
what any of you regards as the most effective short argument in favor of
Condorcet for laypersons that you have seen, or written.  Thanks.

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