Presidential returns via DEMOREP1

Kevin Hornbuckle kevinh at
Tue Nov 12 23:56:13 PST 1996

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Steve Eppley wrote:

> Those results were produced because the current voting method is
> badly flawed.  Plurality's spoiler dilemma kept most potential
> candidates from running, and induced most voters to vote for one 
> of the two main candidates (to block the greater evil).  So don't 
> assume the results would be similar with a good voting method.
> The new method you describe--let voters pick two choices--would be 
> better than "vote for one" but not nearly as good as "rank as many
> as you want."

Condorcet's allows candidates to get a very accurate reading of voter
support. Same for the electorate which has a right to know its collective
will. The strategic voting now required deprives the candidates and
electorate of essential information. It effectively 'strong-arms' the
voters into silence, especially those who choose not to vote because of
the gross unfairness of the system.

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