US election info?

Tom Round TomR at
Thu Nov 21 23:29:47 PST 1996


I'm looking for some news about two particular results from
the recent US elections.

Q.1  Did Sonny Bono retain his Congressional seat in

Q.2  Did San Francisco's STV proportional representation
     referendum pass?

I haven't seen either result mentioned in the Australian media
 - although I assume that if Congressman Bono did lose his
seat, that would have rated a line or two down here.

(As recently as a decade ago, magazines like "TIME" gave
excellent in-depth coverage of US politics. But now these have
mutated into "Australian editions" which reduce the US detail
in order to include more local content - content that one
could easily have picked up via a dozen other magazines,
newspapers or television programs ... Oh well.)

Awaiting some news,
Tom Round
tomr at

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