Spread spectrum analysis: IR vs Condorcet

Lowell Bruce Anderson landerso at ida.org
Sat Nov 2 19:45:14 PST 1996

On Oct 26,  7:13pm, Lowell Bruce Anderson wrote:
> I've heard of analyses involving voter distributions being called "spatial 
> models," and, in particular, Steven Brams has written a monograph entitled 
> "Spatial Models of Election Competition" (1979).  It may not discuss exactly 
> what you have in mind; but it, and its references, could be a good place to 
> start.  You could also try searching for "spatial models."
>-- End of excerpt from Lowell Bruce Anderson

Steve asked if that book discussed ranked voting methods.  If it does, I 
couldn't find it.  Accordingly, I think the book either doesn't discuss them at 
all, or doesn't discuss them very well.  The book tends to concentrate on the 
"best" positions that candidates should take given simple plurality voting with 
known voter distributions.  I think that the book is a good place to start; but 
it is not the definitive reference on the subject.  I also suspect that such a 
definitive reference does not currently exist because, as both Steve and my Oct. 
26 message imply, much remains to be done in this area.


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