[EM] "Spokane" method

Bruce Anderson landerso at ida.org
Fri Mar 29 09:21:00 PST 1996

This "Spokane" method sure sounds like the Coombs voting method to me.  The 
Coombs method was proposed by Clyde Coombs, and it is "well-known" by that name 
in the voting theory literature.

The Coombs method satisfies the majority-winner, majority-loser, and 
Condorcet-loser criteria; but it fails the generalized-majority, 
Condorcet-winner, generalized-Condorcet, and monotonicity criteria.

I'll conditionally offer to provide precise definitions of these criteria, and 
to tabulate which of 29 different voting methods can be proven to pass or to 
fail each of these criteria (and which, to the best of my knowledge, remain open 
questions), to this list after (if?) I receive Rob's permission to post such a 
conditional offer on this list.  The conditions concern formatting issues only.


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