[EM] Multiple-option initiatives

Helena Catt h.catt at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Mar 12 09:04:14 PST 1996

Matthew asked if there are any multi option initiatives used.

Not that I know off but there have been multi options on government 
sponsored ballots:

NZ 1992 electoral reform - 4 option by plurality - luckily one got a 
vast amjority
Australia 1977  on the new national song - 2 preferences allowed and a 
song even the composer describes as banal won against the 2 'extreme' 
options - one being waltzing matilda
Sweden 1957 - 3 pension schemes - by plurality, non gained a majority 
so the government was left making the decision
Sweden 1980 nuclear energy policy - ditto

British Labour party, when it talks about a vote on changing the 
electoral system says it will copy the NZ format - if they do it by 
plurality I predict the result will be a mess.


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