[EM] Not feasible to keep rebutting same objections

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Thu Mar 7 02:59:47 PST 1996

I've been patiently & repteadely answering the same objections to
Condorcet's method, from Demorep, over & over again. Maybe if unlimited
time were available I'd keep on. But it's too time-consuming, and
I have to reluctantly give up sending those replies to many-times
rebutted objections.

It isn't just time-consuming--it's not doing any good or accomplishing
anything. If Demorep weren't ignoring rebuttals, and were conscientiously,
responsibly, & seriously discussing the subject, it would be different,
& I'd find time. But that isn't the case. Demorep's recent statement
that he has "better things to do" gives us an explanation for why
he doesn't reply to rebuttals. That, combined with his continued use
of already-rebutted statements, indicates that replies to those
statements are fruitless as well as time-consuming.

The purpose of this note is so that it won't seem to anyone that
not replying to Demorep means that his statements can't be answered.
I'm not replying for the reasons given above in this note.



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