[EM] No Objection to NOTB or disapproval count

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Sat Mar 2 21:20:46 PST 1996

Mike O. wrote:
>Condorcet's method makes it difficult for a majority-rejected
>candidate to win,

I think the 1996 Republican Presidential primary voters wish they
had a way to show their whole field is a bunch of losers.  Plain
Condorcet wouldn't let them show it; Condorcet is only relative
rankings with no reference point.

I'd like to be able to vote {1=NOTB 2=Hitler,Stalin} in a two-way
race.  With plain Condorcet, all one could do is abstain.

I'll have to read the rest of Mike's post in the morning when my
brain is fresh, since I didn't realize there can be a difference
between the results of Condorcet+NOTB and Condorcet+Disapproval. 
Mike, if he's kind, will post a numeric example showing how the 
winner can differ. 

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