[EM] Re: Pairwise winner of the 2 least-beaten

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Sat Mar 2 20:32:34 PST 1996

Mike O. wrote:
>That wouldn't work out, picking the pairwise winner of the two
>least-beaten candidates. Say Clinton is Condorcet winner in a
>Buchanan, Clinton, Nader race. And say the Buchanan voters are so
>devious that they rank Nader over Clinton, to create a circular tie,
>hoping that Buchanan will win the circular tie.

To what did your message reply?  You changed the subject line and
didn't quote anything from the original.

>The Buchanan voters know that Buchanan beats Nader, and so they
>make Nader beat Clinton real big.  So big that Buchanan & Nader are
>the least beaten candidates.

How does Buchanan beat Nader if a majority rank Buchanan last?

I tried playing with some numbers but didn't get them to come out
meeting all your conditions, then got tired.  <grumble>  Could you
post some vote numbers to make your examples (now and in the future)
easier to follow?  They'll make good test cases that all the
algorithms can be judged on.


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