[EM] <<process>> Periodic FAQ on document process

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Mar 5 14:48:13 PST 1996

[Am I on the right track with this keyphrase faq?  If you think so, 
there are a lot of keyphrases which need to be massaged from old 
messages into this, so please lend a hand.  If you object to my 
choices for keyphrases, please speak up soon before we begin using 
them heavily.]

process   We maintain this faq which lists acceptable keyphrases:
             submit newly coined keyphrases to faq maintainer(s);
             submit brief comments to define keyphrases.
process   We mark arguments in our messages using these keyphrases.
process   We rank standards and methods at conclusion of process.
process   We explain our rankings in document.
process   Use separate rankings for Presidential elections than 
             other sw elections?

standard  Affordability
standard  Centrism
standard  Coalition Necessary
   Eppley: (see Leverage Popularity)
standard  Coalition Unnecessary
   Eppley: form coalitions around issues, not elections
standard  Decisiveness
   Eppley: sweep circular preference situation under the carpet
standard  Economic Feasibility
standard  False Mandate
   Eppley: (see Voter Expression, Decisiveness)
   Eppley: don't sweep circular preference situation under the carpet
standard  Fratricide
   Eppley: candidates can run without spoiling
standard  Lesser-of-Evils
   Ossipoff: eliminate voters' dilemma
standard  Level Field
   Eppley: shouldn't favor any candidates (see Proportionality)
standard  Leverage Popularity
standard  Majority Approval
standard  Majority Rule
standard  Media Coverage
   Eppley: Media ignores choices which don't have a chance to win
standard  Minority Rights
standard  More Voter Choices
   Eppley: let them choose between similar proposals/parties/candidates
           so the movements don't have to guess which one to offer
standard  Proportionality
standard  Public Satisfaction
standard  Responsiveness
   Eppley: follow the will of the people (short terms?)
standard  Simplicity
standard  Statesmanship
standard  Technological Feasibility
standard  UnLeverage Money
standard  Viability of Compromise
   Ossipoff: Clinton should be electable
standard  Voter Deliberation
standard  Voter Expression
   Eppley: let the voters express their true will
standard  Voter Participation
   Eppley, Weinert
standard  Tactics-Defensive
   Ossipoff: eliminate need for defensive voter tactics
   Eppley: fewer dilemma headaches
standard  Tactics-Offensive
   Ossipoff: reduce reward for offensive voter tactics
standard  Whim Nonresponsiveness

method    Plurality
method    Runoff
method    Double Complement
method    Approval
method    MPV
method    Condorcet
method    NOTB              (aka Condorcet+NOTB)
method    Disapproval       (aka Condorcet+Disapproval)
method    Rating            (aka Multiple Same Choices)
       - - -
method    Election/Inauguration Gap
method    Term Truncation   (of disapproved winner)

argument  allows unpopular winner
argument  voting favorite is risk-free
argument  expression suppression
argument  expensive re-election
argument  lame duck
argument  ranked ballot (re: Voter Deliberation)
argument  vote-for-one  (re: Voter Deliberation
argument  specialinterest $ wasted on losers

Keyphrase Marking syntax:
[pro | con]   {{<standard>  {{<method> ...    {{<argument>

Some examples showing how to use keyphrase markings in messages:

con {{Majority Rule {{Plurality {{allows unpopular winner

pro {{Lesser-of-Evils {{MPV {{Condorcet {{Rating
       {{voting favorite is risk-free

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