Loaned election'puters (was Re: [EM] Hitler-Stalin-Middle Exampl

Steve Eppley seppley at
Sun Mar 3 17:43:47 PST 1996

>>           There are millions of PC's around and some of them may surely
>> be rented or borrowed for a day.
>Yes, but setting them up and using them *for an official election* is a 
>non-trivial task.  The labor is not something to write off.  It is 
>*expensive*.  I doubt that people could be sold on the idea of using a 
>ragtag collection of "loaner" computers for an election.  

I wouldn't trust a loaned computer.  Each would have to be checked 
for tampering (like special EPROM chips).

On the other hand, I wouldn't trust official computers either if 
they're not independently checked.

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