Total votes against tie breaker

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Sat Jul 20 00:51:44 PDT 1996

Yes, there are certainly innumerable ways of counting ranked ballots.
That's why, when proposing a method, or introducing & proposing a new
method, we state the methods propoerties, we say what the method offers
to the voters that other methods don't offer. That's something, 
Demorep, that you've been leaving out of your proposals. 

That, of course, is for the proponent to do. When someone proposes
a new method, it isn't the job of others to determine if 
there's a way in which it's better than other methods. The proponent
must do that.

But though I'm not taking over that responsibility for that new
method, I would just like to briefly mention something about
it: It counts a voter more than once, against a particular alternative.
Therefore, it shares Copeland's & Regular-Champion's Rich Parties
Problem. If my party runs 20 candidates against yours, and I rank
them all over yours, then each of your candidates has me counted
against it 20 times.

I'm not saying that that's that method's only failing, though.
The lack of any particular way in which it's claimed to offer
something to the voter that other methods don't offer is itself
a disadvantage, in comparison to other methods.



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