Many noses are held. (was Re: Condorcet's Advantages)

Steve Eppley seppley at
Thu Jul 11 16:52:14 PDT 1996

Mike O wrote:
> I talked in my previous letter about why the lesser-of-2-evils
> (LO2E) problem is important. It's the reason why practically
> no progressive here is willing to vote honestly, and why
> they all feel they must "hold their nose", and vote for
> a lesser evil, instead of voting for their favorite.

It's not just progressives who hold their noses when they vote. 
Many Republicans routinely do it too, since it's "standard operating
procedure" when a large coalition is needed to win power.  Expect
many Libertarians to vote for Dole (particularly the anti-tax small
gov't advocates).  Expect a few Libertarians (the ones for whom social
tolerance is key) to vote for Clinton. 

And the flip side of the dilemma is candidate fratricide, which keeps 
candidates from running.  Buchanan, for example, is holding his nose 
by refusing to spoil the election for Dole.

A lot of people out there ought to be keenly interested in 
single-winner reform.

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