SW Voting Deadline Tonight

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Wed Jul 10 21:50:52 PDT 1996

Steve, about 5 days ago, suggested that 7/10/96 be the last day
for voting on a sw recommendation to ER. I seconded the suggestion,
and no one objected to the suggestion. Today's 7/10/96, and that
will only be true till 12 tonight. Though I suggested 12:01, 
because that seemed to make the a.m/p.m designation simpler,
these suggestions are within 1 minute of eachother, and are
really, for all practical purposes, the same suggestion--
a proposal that was seconded & not objected to.

So, if you haven't voted yet, and intend to, this evening's the
time to do it. You could vote a ranking of methods, numbered
1, 2, ...etc, or you could just vote for 1 if you prefer, or
you could list several equal 1st choices. In fact you could
vote any number of methods at any rank position if you chose
to. Anyone on the EM list is qualified to vote in this election.

The rankings will be counted by the various methods that have been
proposed here. If these methods give different results then all
the results that they give will be reported. 

With the best count methods that we'll be using, you can vote
your favorite in 1st place, even if it isn't likely to win,
and a compromise that you've ranked below it will still be 
fully counted against the alternatives which you rank lower or
which you don't rank. So you're fully voting to make that
compromise beat the less-liked alternatives even if you don't
rank it 1st.



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