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Subj:  Re: [EM] closed/open list hybrids?
Date:  Tue, Feb 20, 1996 11:00 PM EDT
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The first ER FAQ might be:

What are the defects in the current election systems in the U.S. ?

Answers. Nominees in primary elections being chosen by pluralities for most
offices resulting in the nomination of extremists.
Winners in general elections being chosen by pluralities producing (a)
indirect minority rule in legislative bodies using single member districts
and (b) extremists in many cases being elected to executive and judicial
elective offices.

With respect to legislative bodies some questions might be-

Why do legislative bodies exist ?
Answer- Because the electors (voters) cannot assemble in person and enact
legislation by majority rule.

What currently are the most common methods for electing legislative bodies in
the U.S. ?
Answer- (a) Single member districts for electing the U.S. House of
Representatives, the members of most State legislatures and many local
legislative bodies.
(b) At large systems for many local legislative bodies and some members of
state legislatures (elected at large in multi- member districts).

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