New SW method: Weighting with elimination etc.

Sun Apr 28 06:37:37 PDT 1996

The Weighting with elimination & renormalization method appears to be a
variant on the Spokane method posted in late March, 1996. 

Namely such proposal is a variant of approval voting with fractional votes
for second or lower choices and has the same nonmajority defect as the
Spokane Method, as follows--

101 Voters
3 Candidates- A, B and C

First Choices
A 51 at 1
B 25 at 1
C 25 at 1
Initial Second Choices
A  none
B  25 at 0.99 (from C voters) or 24.75
C  25 at 0.99 (from B voters)  or 24.75

Total Initial Weights
A  51
B  49.75
C  49.75
The problem is that if enough of the 51 First Choice voters for A rank B or C
high enough, they defeat A (although A has a majority of the first choice
Since the margin is only 1.25, if 2 of the A voters rank B (and 2 of the A
voters rank C) at 0.63, then A is defeated by both B and C at 51.01 to 51.

Many methods can break down in 3 candidate situations.
The majority standard remains- both for defeating candidates and electing
Any method must guarantee that a candidate with a majority of the first
choice votes wins and that a majority of the voters can defeat a candidate.

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