My New Ballot (standards)

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Sat Apr 20 21:04:09 PDT 1996

I unintentionally omitted something from the approval set of my
ballot when I voted earlier today, so I'd like to re-write my

I approve: 

* Lesser-of-2-evils (We all know what that standard is, but I've
defined it as the desirability of casting a full-strength, reliably-
counted vote for a compromise over a last choice, while still casting
one for one's favorite over everything. Even if you don't word it that
way, I'm sure we agree on what the lesser-of-2-evils problem is).

* Minimizing need for defensive strategy & eliminating need for
drastic defensive strategy

* Ossipoff's Generalized Majority Criterion


I disapprove:

Candidate Counting

All of the criteria that I've called "candidate-counting criteria",
if any of them are proposed as standards for SWC


Mike Ossipoff

[I call my Generalized Criterion "Ossipoff's" to distinguish it
from the Mutual Majority Criterion, which has been called a
"Generalized Majority Criterion", though it's less general in
its application]


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