Procedural Motions

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Sat Apr 20 14:00:42 PDT 1996

I move that we now vote on standards by which to judge SW methods,
for the purpose of ordering the standareds to determine the order in
which we'll use them to compare & evaluate the proposed methods.

This motion specifies Smith//Condorcet as the count method to be
used for counting the rankings for the vote on standards. This is
because, in a previous vote on what voting system to use, we chose
Condorcet's method, and I claim that, therefore, Condorcet's method
should be the official method of this list till we vote otherwise.


Further, I move that we don't accept new definitions of methods
unless those methods are claimed to be better than already-proposed

Further, I move that we officially close discussion about the
definition of Pairwise, the best ways of wording the instructions
for determining the Smith set, and the various possible ways of
defining various versions of Condorcet's method (unless someone
claims that he has a version that's the best SW method to propose
to the public, according to a standard that he's willing to claim
is more important than any standard that it conflicts with.


I'll call those 3 motions "Mike's motions, numbers 1, 2, & 3".


Mike's motion #4:

English-only motion: I move that we insist that statements & definitions
& arguments on the subject of SW methods, on EM, be in English, rather
than "formulese", the mathematical language that Bruce has been usisng.

[I'd said previously that formulese should be allowed when it can
say something more briefly or compactly, but I claim that the
pracatice of permitting formulese has been abused, and that it
would be best to ban it form our SW discussions, and have an
"English-Only law"]


By the way, until such a motion is seconded, I, or maybe someone
else, will translate important things that are said in the formulese
language, provided that they aren't too long. Except for long
passages of formulese, if something isn't translated into English,
that just means that it isn't considered immportant by those who
would otherwise translate it.


I ask that someone second these motions, or at least some of them, so
that the Single-Winner Committee can make some progress.




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